COVID-19 has certainly put many paid plans to a halt!  This means that it may well be the impetus for change – the kind of radical redesign, innovation and breakthrough strategies that could more effectively future proof businesses for left-field challenges, like the one we are facing today. ‘Business as normal’ is unlikely to stand the test of time going into the future.

So how do you take advantage of this fertile ground?

  1. Question your assumptions – it has never been more important to review the ‘givens’ that you rely upon to guide your choices, develop ideas or deliver your product or service. What is the filter that you look through and how does this disruption challenge your thinking? Whether we are aware or unconscious of our assumptions, there will be many that are currently on shaky ground. That’s good news. It is time to reflect on what adjustments to your modus operandi will foster more relevant and productive thinking?
  2. Decide on the problem/s you want to solve. The playing field has changed, and so have many of the players. Those things we took for granted are now things we pine for. Problems we moaned over, have disappeared into insignificance. So, what are the new problems we face and how can your business address them?
  3. Decide what matters most. Times like this can provide those wonderful ‘ahah’ moments where you see what does and doesn’t matter in the service you provide, the life you lead, or the processes you use. The way you work does matter, how effectively have you stuck to your principles or used your values to inform your decisions?
  4. Get to know your vulnerabilities, intimately. No doubt your vulnerabilities are showing. It won’t be the last time you are challenged so. What scares you most and what keeps you from pursuing the outcome/s you really want? When we recognise and care for the vulnerable parts of ourselves and businesses, we stand on more solid ground to face the music. There is strength in claiming and supporting our vulnerabilities.
  5. Let your mind go wild. When we are not confined by ‘normality’ we are free to roam. Much like the expansiveness of travelling to new places, or the clarity in seeing something for the first time, our minds can live unrestrained for a while. Dream, think big, follow your desires and brainstorm. This is not the time to unconsciously follow old paths.
  6. Get it down into a committed strategy. Unless there are clear actions attached, it’s all just wishful thinking. What is required to deliver on your goals and what is your very next step? How will you make the changes you desire?

We wouldn’t wish this pandemic on anyone. But when in deep sea, we must become divers! In all reality, most of us need a crisis of sorts to address the things in our lives which have been calling out for change. We are collectively being called to change. What will you do with this opportunity?

Coaching is a wonderful context to reflect on assumptions and priorities, while facilitated sessions with your executive team makes sure you get everyone’s input at this important time. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss how these could be useful to your business.

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