Create more authenticity in who you are and affinity with what you do

Sometimes we get stuck or a little unsure about how to move forward. Maybe it’s because we’re not clear about where we are heading or what we want. Perhaps we get overwhelmed at the obstacles (inner and outer) that keep getting in the way.

Coaching is a tool to help you:

  • create change in yourself
  • transform a situation
  • lead change in others
  • achieve personal or business goals.

Coaching is a dedicated time for you to dive deeply into what hinders and what helps you so you can make real progress. It is the calm and considered ‘time out’ of the constant demands, it’s the working ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in’ it, it’s the safe place to get real with yourself, so you can be more authentic in your life and with others.

Coaching differs from counselling. It is focused on where you want to be, not where you have come from or why you’re there. It’s based on the premise that you know best for yourself. A good coach asks questions that help you gain greater awareness, clarify your thoughts and feelings, and design your action. You are always the creator in your life!

Process Oriented Coaching

Sustainable change requires deep work – ‘all of you’ needs to be aligned and committed. My approach to coaching draws on the theory of Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work), a depth psychological model with its roots in psychology, human consciousness and quantum physics.

In practice this means recognising the importance of information that we are both aware and unaware of, and which comes from all parts of ourselves (including the bits we like and don’t like!). A Process model considers the various roles and realities we operate in, and the need to understand who we are in these connections and how to create alignment. Working with the big picture of our lives is essential when we want to create changes that last.

The benefits of this type of coaching:

  • you will bring a deep level of awareness to your decision making
  • you will explore the life you really want to live
  • change will be sustainable because it recognises various realities in your world.

Looking for the right coach for you?

Contact me to discuss your needs.

Coaching is especially effective when you want to:

  • clarify where to head next and what steps to take
  • refine and articulate your business vision and strategy
  • break old patterns and become the creator in your life
  • become a more effective leader and communicator.

Coaching services provided online, or in person as arranged.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kerrie in supporting my business development – she is incredibly insightful and is able to really distill the essence of issues and complex contexts. She works flexibly and creatively with enormous generosity of spirit and I highly recommend her.

Margaret Scott

Director, MCS Consulting

I felt like I struck gold when I met Kerrie. I’d been struggling to find my business direction and put my thoughts into words in a defined and relatable way. Kerrie’s overall clarity, attention to detail and ability to extract information moved my business into a place I could never have gone alone. Kerrie has been so caring, clever and sensitive to my business needs through the entire process and I am so much more relaxed with her support through these tough developmental stages. Her work has helped my business grow exponentially in the last 6 months as well as given me motivation and confidence to back myself as a professional business woman.
Janene Price

Owner, Love to Grow

Kerrie’s management and coaching experience, combined with her passion for people and finding better solutions that are values-driven, create a sense of stability and serenity to a work environment, and her easy-going management style endears one quickly to her.
Agata Mouasher

Owner, Operational Improvement & Educational Design Consulting

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