Copywriting & editing

Articulate your brand with proven writing skills that communicate the essence of who you are and what you’re all about

If you want to capture the hearts and minds of your customers and audiences and be heard over the competing noise, you need a clear and engaging story.

Whether for an article, website copy, press release or major industry report, my primary aim is to communicate in a way that connects you with your reader and inspires them to follow you, buy your product, engage your service. The right words and the right tone of voice are essential tools in building your brand.

Sometimes my clients find it difficult to know what to say. I love the way writing forces clarity and helps to ground everything from vision to strategy to celebration. My coaching and facilitation skills ensure I find the most powerful thread to your story.

I write for large, medium and small sized businesses and provide copywriting support for design and communications agencies who need quick and high quality copy for their clients.

  • Articles, press releases, PR copy
  • Newsletters 
  • Marketing & advertising copy
  • Case studies
  • Website copy
  • Industry reports
  • Video and animation scripts
  • Corporate storytelling
  • Training Resources
  • Internal communications

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My goodness Kerrie, you’re an absolute superstar!! There’s so much about this that I love. It’s totally along the lines of exactly what I had imagined, so many parts are perfect. Thank you. I had the biggest smile on my face as I was reading it for the first time. You totally nailed the feeling I was after. 

Deah Love

Owner, Entia Jewellery

Kerrie has worked with us on several projects, always with a happy result. Her ability to understand just what is needed is brilliant, her writing is flawless and she is always a pleasure to work with.
Peter Nugent

Client Service Manager, Designate

Kerrie Clarke, you are a genius. This is incredible – perfect. You have really communicated who I am, what Mullo Studio is, and what type of work I am looking for. Thank you, thank you!
Lucy Tann

Creative Director, Mullo Studio

Kerrie is truly gifted, and being a coach and copywriter, was able to dive deep and really understand what I do. She crafted the most professional and well thought out copy for my website. Kerrie was an absolute pleasure to work with, she really knows her stuff, and I trusted her 100%, so it was no surprise she nailed the brief first go. I would highly recommend Kerrie.

Emma Garett

Owner, The Energy Coach

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