Less Noise…
More Rhythm

Feel like what you say is falling on deaf ears?
Missing out on key information? (or too much misinformation??)
Using indirect communication channels?
Struggling to give and receive feedback?
Not getting the results you want?

Effective communication is fundamental to team performance and ultimate outcomes. Yet so many things can and do go wrong in the ebb and flow of information. Poor communication saps the life out of relationships and even the most highly performing teams, and this rarely changes without dedicated attention and developing new skills.

We are all different. That’s why a one size communication training does not fit all, and will struggle to result in lasting change.

The Less Noise, More Rhythm Communication Workshop is different. It recognises individual communication styles and entrenched patterns and beliefs that set the stage for how we give and receive information. It focuses on the individual work that is required to take on team communication goals.  It brings the light onto covert dynamics that are hampering team morale.

Programs can be customised from a range of key features:

  • 6 month program that includes full day team workshops and one on one coaching to ensure depth and relevance while building team solidarity. Changing patterns and learning skills takes time, practice, reflection and refinement, it rarely happens in short, sharp sessions
  • Focus on individual development within team communication goals to keep the focus on how each member contributes to communication outcomes
  • Before and after progress checks to ensure real gains are made
  • Creation of a rhythm that allows teams to continue their own development into the future.

Does your team leader value the input and effectiveness of every member?

Do you and your team believe you can improve?

Is effective communication important to your team?

Frustrated and ready to change?

Talk to us about how we can help you make that change happen!

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Less noise...

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